Grow out of nothing


Where is creative?

“Creative is not just in the art, it could be found everywhere. No matter what a tiny idea it is, if it could solve problems and it could be CREATIVE” this is one of the words impressed me a lot when I heard in the first week. How to come up some good ideas and make them realize in my future career, that’s the reason why I come to Kingston University.How to realize it? I can learn business courses but what about creative thinking/idea? How to do it? It confuse me a lot.

 “Creative confidence is a way of seeing that potential and your place in the world more clearly, unclouded by anxiety and doubt”-Tom.K and David.K(2014) Creative Confidence


Thanks for teacher gave each of us this book. Although I have not finished reading this book, the first chapter has already touched my heart. To those kind of people that do not have any art background, how to build creative thinking? Do not be afraid! Try to fail , think widely and just do it!

14462979_10209944324701091_6444444464177208755_nIn the first week’s workshop,we interviewed many students for focusing our target consumers and we selected some typical examples.The main problem of the student who we chose is that he miss the landscape of his country.In this class, our ideas were rejected many times.Honestly , we felt a little bit depressed and we thought some ideas like eco-friendly community combine with hiking and using 4D technology skills to see hometown’s landscape anytime.Finally, we thought we could combine visual experience and outdoor activities( ex:jogging) in the park.Although we did not know these ideas have already done before till teacher told us, it still means that we tried our best to solve this problem as possible as it can.

Ideas should not be out of blue, the target should be selected.The target could means that many people also have this kind of problem.Then, sometimes choose the most difficult point to figure out means the more difficult it is, the easier come up with unique idea.The more times we fail means the more times we train our creative thinking.In addition, when we come up some good idea, we need to search whether someone  has already done before.

Before any idea comes out, people need to try by themselves. In order to train my creative thinking and be familiar with this feeling, I joined a free workshop last Saturday. This self-DIY workshop help people to creative their “tiny garden”. To me , it helps me to be more creative in limit conditions. From pots to seeds , any decision I made could leeds numerous results.

“The fear of social rejection is something we learned as we got older. And that’s why it’s possible to regain our creative abilities so swiftly and powerfully, even decades later”-Tom.K and David.K(2014) Creative Confidence

Before I’m afraid of what others think about me, now I do what I never did before and think more widely. In my country, people usually give children “correct answer” and classify their personality. Do you have creative mind? Do you suit to be an artist? The definition of “creative” is too narrow!

After these practices, I think Creative could be shown in anywhere, anytime and any sections. If a good idea is the final destination, the experience that we startup our mind, this process could be some kinds of “art”!

but…why? I will discuss about this topic in the next post!

Anyway, new life new start and good luck to me!



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