Distance:between art and me/ ∞-0cm


How long is the distance between art and public? ∞? 1 km? 1m? 1cm? I know it’s hard to evaluate it. ART, it could be far as we do not understand but it also could be close as it just “stand” in front of me.

I am a museums/galleries lover. I love to visit any type of art exhibition without understanding artist’s background or the meaning of the art work. I believe the most interesting thing is using my imagination to guess.

What does artist think about?

What does this project want to express?

How was the method path in this process?


I use this method again and again to train my imagination when I visit any gallery or museum. It does work!really! Even I search some information after visiting exhibitions and the idea between artist and me is different, it doesn’t matter because I have already given that a brand new “definition”. Following this article, there are some example I want to discuss:

Antony Gormley (White Cube,2016)

(Antony Gormley,2016)

This exhibition is in white Cube and it use white light, natural light and white wall to make artworks more glossy. The theme of his work are “human bodies”and he deconstructed body’s structure into lines or cubes. One of work really caught my eyes:


Antony made a tunnel and its size as same as his body and visitors can go into his “body”. In this tunnel, I felt the dark surrounding me and could not see my fingers but when I turned back, I saw a cross shape light and it was really like god lead me to bright side. Through the interaction can help people to understand something difficult understanding and art and publics getting as closer as possible.

Open house London(2016)

In this amazing city, you can see many contemporary and classical architectures as long as you imagine. Of course! I would not miss this chance! Through different people’s eyes can see different beauty form different angles. Following are some of my photography work:

Surprising, when I checked social media and I found no one made same angle same photo as me, I made something unique!

Try to get as closer as possible to the art without any introduction or reading. When you get close enough and use a little bit of your imagination, you will create your own “definition” to the artworks. It is a good way to train your creative viewpoint and this method should practice because the first reaction is what you real feeling. In the other words, this idea also can be used in other area. For example, if you want to know how is the customer’s reaction of your latest product, you do not need to search multi-data from internet,the only one thing you should do is that try your products by yourself! It is simple and easy! And… here comes another question: How to persuade public your artworks(products) are valuable?To publics, via business strategies, decorations,advertising and so on are faster ways to approve different ideas and culture.

Next post I will discuss ” Frieze Art Fair”‘s business strategy, how to make appropriate relationship with visitors and my confusion.







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