Frieze Art Fair


It’s not about the money, money, money/We don’t need your money, money, money/We just wanna make the world dance/Forget about the Price Tag

-Price Tag(Jessis J ,2011)

Well,well,well… nice lyric but this situation will not happen in Frieze Art Fair.

Frieze Art Fair, one of the most famous art fair in the world. There are thousands upon thousands visitors coming here every year and thousands artists holding their chance to show the artworks to the whole world. In addition, there are also many talks, film…… and etc. It provides diversified art activities to make tourists and buyers understand more details.

This year, it separated into three area:  Focus, Nineties and Live. Even this exhibition was quite big , its route was clear. Facing numerous artworks, how to make yours being special? The decoration of a gallery likes the advertising of a product and it can catch people’s eyes . If it did well, it could bring the value that more than you imagine.

Celia Hampton -Southard Reid London(FOCUS)

Because of the irregular shape wall, people could not see inside of gallery directly. Used people’s curiosity to make them want to “peek”. When they “peeked” more deeper, they would find that these artworks were about genital organs of males. This process was quite similar like people’ curiosity of sex, a little bit mystery and if something is more difficult to get closer, people would be more curious to want to understand. In brief, how to make people curious could be the first step of good advertising.

Various artists-Hauser &Wirch Gallery

Its decoration was really different to others.It looked like a mess and hard to focus on which artwork they really want to share . However, when people got more closer, they would know that  it looked like artist’s studio, collectors and visitors were all be attracted and that’s why this gallery were always full of people. Sometimes a good decoration do not need any interaction with visitors but it still can let people easily understand what curators or artists want to express.

Every galleries tried their best to attract people but how this art fair catch the customers which they focus on to give galleries better chances to sell their works?

Consumer Target


The main aim of Frieze Art Fair is art commercial but there are still lots of tourists and students come here every year. In order to catch their target( curators/ buyers/ collectors) , they provide luxury hotels and transportation services. Moreover, they also have private and small group art tours. They treat these guests very thoughtful.

At the same time, could it say it’s kind of “discrimination” with tourists and students? On the official website, it shows that the price of the exhibition’s restaurant are hard for tourists to afford. Ticket price rise from about 20 pounds to 40 pounds this year .Then, Most of guide tours need the cost and only young people tour is free but it is limit and it is just for teens(15-19 years old). Furthermore, as a student, I went to some galleries to ask some questions about artworks’s meaning and idea. Most of workers just answered simply, one of them even just answered me ” It is just a painting, artist do not express anything meaningful” but when I got home and googled it. The meaning of this painting is not just ” do not express anything meaningful”! Of course, there were still some workers glad to introduce artworks to me. If the identification of a visitor would change the workers attitude?

Art price

It is hard to see each gallery carefully in one day much less there are so many art fair in the whole world.To those collectors, this situation is not diverse options and maybe it could be called “oversupply”? Jens Beckert &Jörg Rössel(2013) mentioned that the artwork’s price depends on an intersubjective process of experts, institutions, and media in the art field assessing work and conferring reputation.

The price dealers are asking for works are often higher than their resale value at auction. This is bad news for those looking to make quick money out of art

-Scott Reyburn(2016) “It’s Auctions vs. Galleries”chick me

This is to say, nowadays artworks are like stocks, their commercial value are more important than their meaning and culture.Then, their price are out of their reasonable limit. Once the gallery attend any art fair , its artworks or painting’s price would increase several times.

Does the original meaning or goal of art change? Does the aim of artists change?We can not deny that every artist need to survive, they need money no matter 18 centuries or now. As one of the most famous art fair, do they have duty yo keep balance with quality and price, supplement and needs ? and how to treat those tourist and student more fairly? If they could solve these problems, not only improve over-supply and hype but also make a higher standard for art industry.



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