Think widely , Do resonablely




” Creative ideas come from every little problem are waited to solve”

“think widely, not enough, more widely”

These words are repeated numerous times from September till now, every time I tried my best to think widely but it still failed. the reason why it failed  is because comparing with thinking widely, do reasonably is more realistic. Every big and crazy idea should be organised to make it feasible.


Minimum Valuable Product (MVP) canvas can help people using more organised methods to classify problems and find out the easiest solution. Even the canvas has already divided into five main part for people, in my words, it could transfers into some easier question (W.H.O):

W – What do you want to test?

H – How to achieve/ measure it?

WHO– Who is your target customers?


Process/ Difficulty


In the process, the more widely you think, the more cruel reality you would face. Not everyone could be Steve Job to change a vision and create a new demand for customers ( iTunes, IOS system and ……etc.) What we can to is to figure out any problem we face nowadays:

  1. search every little problem you face in your life
  2. find out the problem point
  3. fix it reasonably

FABLAB workshop is such a meaningful experience! It helps people realise such many latest, coolest technology tools we can use.BUT! how to use it? Could we use it?   It is the cruel reality what we face, especially people who do not have design background.Although we tried our best to think widely, how to do it reasonably is the biggest problem we had.



From the multi-function cutting board prototype manufacturing process, we figured out our W.H.O problem:

W – What do you want to test?  Reuse waste/ value experience

H – How to achieve/ measure it?  Reuse tool-kits/ interchangeable cutting board

WHO- Who is your target customers? Women / D.I.Y lovers

Used our limit resource to realise our big idea. A interchangeable board with three tool-kits to extend board’s space to solve board size problem for every cooking lovers. reusing washing net for vegetable, little plate for powder and plastic bucket for any kind of food.

In conclusion, although our idea was not the champion in this competition, from this workshop experience, let us face the problem what we choose to ignore  directly, slow down and feel the surrounding and use the limit materials and knowledge to create as crazy as possible idea.

Understanding where is the problem and how to solve it, after that, does it have value? where is its market? there are numerous challenge wait for us.




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