Finance: a cruel reality to face


In my observation, 99% people do not like finance or maths, 90% people think the only thing they need to use accounting is when they go to shopping and 60% people do not want to do anything about maths.

Because I am one of the 60% people

( Above is just joking, do not be serious!)

Even what I say is just joking, it cannot deny that finance or math is already into everyone’s life. It is a “cruel” true and we have to face it but do not too sad, if we face it positive that we can realise it could bring many advantages for us. Here are some reasons why we need it.

  • It is required by law/ life 

If a company have some financial problems , government or bank could do something to help it or sell it to protect the whole industry. Moreover, business and government’s relation is similar like individuals and government, people have to give their financial statement for government.

It is not only required for a company or own business, it is also for individuals because it is not only about legal or illegal , the law or government can protect company.

  • Understanding the business situation

The datas is the most clearly evidence to show the latest situation. From family to business or country, it can help people decide what should they do to maintain( positive) or change(negative) this situation.

  • Theory to reality 

In the Design Thinking group,  even we still haven’t think about financial situation and I am not the financial manager in my group, we still need to face that in one day not only because of the requiring of law and understanding our business situation, we can earn and learn something from this process:

  1. Using as the diary – help our group won’t be lazy, encourage us!
  2. Learning the “cash flow” in our life – understand and make it becoming a habit can help us control our financial situation
  3. making the product available or not – helping us make a correct decision about our idea


It is really hard for people to face counting and finance,  they just looks like the cover photo, the construction is super complicated. However, if we complete it and throwback to face what we did, it might looks astonishingly beautiful.


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