Creative industry in Taiwan : does it still work in the “wrong” decision?


(via, 2014)

When we search some review about Taiwan’s creative industry on the internet, we can see many negative reviews. However, when I asked my Asian friend ( not include Taiwanese) how  do they think about Taiwan’s creative industry, many of them gave me the positive answers. It is surprised me! It makes me want to understand more about it .

Where the idea comes from?

Taiwan’s creative cultural industry has already developed more than 10 years. The reason why Taiwan’s government want to develop the creative industry is because of the success of UK’s creative industry. The main concept bases on David Throsby’s  concentric circle (2008)


When this theory came to Taiwan, our government wanted to  develop creative industry and maintain traditional cultural value so that the concept changed into “creative and cultural industry” but why Taiwan cannot get success like UK? According to Gang Pan’s viewpoint (2015), Taiwan government made a mistake, they thought the concept of concentric circle from inside to outside is”cultural” ,”creative” and “industry”

Nowadays, it leads to the situation that fine artists always ask for government subsidy. (the reality is that lots of fine artist still cannot get subsidy…) However, the industries with economic value are fashion, advertising, design and etc. they really offer a large amount of idea and connect to public. It could says that in most of situation, fine art workers offer cultural value not economic value.

Creative park or commercial park?

Can anyone imagine that the cover photo is one of Taipei’s cultural and creative park? It just looks like a hotel or department store.


Songshang cultural and creative park, the original aim is that give artists a place for them to build their workshops or offices, let individual artists from different industries gather together to creative the value. However, it controls by the biggest taiwanese retail bookstores -Eslite Group, they increase its rent and let artist cannot afford it. Oh! By the way, the upper part of this building is really a hotel.

Moreover, when I checked their official website, I found that most of stores in this building are restaurant and famous fashion designer. What about those individuals artists who really need the support? Does the government forget them?

the main reason why Taiwanese do not like cultural creative park:

  1. Be controlled by commercial group
  2. just care about the sales, not artist’s idea
  3. Many exhibitions are without culture, creative or educated value (and always with high price…)

On the other hand, the commercial strategy is one of the important method to help artists or art works become valuable and survive. For, example, many theatres in London or New York get a great success


Drama should the core part of David Throsby’s circle, when those businessman use commercial strategies like advertising and let it be more valuable.The correct commercial strategies let them be more valuable and let more and more people  want to watch and support drama even them are always with high price.

Maybe our government officers understood the concept of creative industry wrong and made some wrong decisions (They always confuse and do not know what’s going on) but they still combine the commercial strategies with art. In my opinion, it is really hard to give them any recommendation because it is too hard to change the policy by the power of public. Finally, I think maybe something we can do to support this industry:

  1. support to high-quality galleries or museum ( they always have great exhibition to surprise me)
  2. respect to artists, designer or any kind of art workers (give them the salary what they deserve)
  3. education ( let the next generation have the proper perspective)

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