Dragon’s Den : WE SURVIVED!!!


It took us almost three months from zero to complete a mature idea and realise it. I still cannot believe how can I overcame every difficulty . In the following, I will explain how did our group come up ideas and how did we make it.

” Do I really need to invest something?”

This was what I think when I heard about the Dragon’s Den. Do I really have some problems what to solve? I thought that if we are not Steve Jobs to create human needs, what can we do is to solve some problems we ignore in our daily life. Then, if we do not want to sit on the chair and stare at computer to think about where is the problem, the better solution is that use the lean canvas to narrow the range.


Firstly, because I am a international student so that I started to think about what will international students encounter in their life. Food is one of the problem we face when we arrive a new place. In my observation, many international students will bring some paste or powder from their countries. For example, Indian bring curry powder, Korean bring the spicy sauce and Taiwanese bring taiwanese instant noodle. If there a fork or spoon can combine with sauce, it would be a great idea, right?


After that, we did the market research and many international gave us positive reviews and some of them said ” when you guys produce it, I really want to see this fork!” However, many local students were not quite interested with it.

“How to manufacture it?”

This question is the biggest problem we need to overcome about the fork idea. We tried lots of materials and searched for some factories which can help students producing products but it is hard for students to afford the manufacturing price. Consequently, we just can gave up this idea and after that we still came up some ideas like shopping bags and secret pockets. However, those ideas still not face the basic problem ” do people really need it?”

” Is it works?”


Base on our travel and backpacker experience, we came up a idea about a undetectable bags for backpackers. Then, we did the lean canvas again but I still had a question, before we produce and sell it, everything  wrote on the canvas still base on the theory, does it work in the reality?


This is our first prototype. The importance of prototype is that let you understand the weak point clearly, where should you improve and understand what kind of materials would be the most matchable with the function and budget.

After we did our first prototype, we understood that we need stronger material for anti-cut function, add cushion or sponge for feeling more comfortable and it would better to use a sewing machine for being more effective.

“We did it!!!”


Consequently, we did our final prototype, we used denim because the darker colour is undetectable and its a popular colour for young people, scouring sponge for feeling more comfortable and adding anti-cut function. Then, we tested it and it really worked!

During these three months, this experience make me remind the book “creative confidence”. In the beginning, I still afraid that I am not kind of creative people, this task is too hard for me but now I understand that be more confidence and do not be afraid to fail. These point are what I learnt form this experience and I really enjoy it!

Finally….. “we survived!!!!”


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