First Trade Fair


This day was coming, our first trade fair is a meaningful event for every MACE students because it revealed the result of everything we did in the past months. Is it wrong or is it right? Everything would be decided on trade fair. Our team might not be the best one but why we did a lot and our still could not attract the visitors?

The marshmallow challenge

Firstly, I want to talk about a interesting theory which pointed out by Tom Wujec. “The marshmallow challenge” is a teamwork game, people need to use 1 marshmallow, 20 spaghetti, one yard tape and one string to build the marshmallow tower as high as possible. However, the research of this game has some interesting results. One of the results is kindergarten kids can build the higher and better structure than business school students. Wow! 5 years old kids can do better than business students, seriously?

Why? Tom explained that  business students want to be leaders so that they spend too much time to discuss about their plan and structure. Moreover, those students are trained to find the single one plan. When a team can try a common stand to build the right prototype and communicate well so that they can build the great tower. This theory and game let me recall every strategy we used in the trade fair…


Secondly, I want to point out something that  we did not quite well in this fair:

  1. Too many things put on the stand
  2. Prepare too many things do not relate to our products
  3. Cannot attract customers well

We were just like typical business school students that Tom said, we gave us a ideal target and we started to design a game and decorated our stand to make visitors can understand that our product is for backpackers or travelers. these things also attracted people just come to play the game and eat cakes, they cared about food, game and suitcase, not our bag! In addition, even we prepared lots of leaflets, we still did no promote our products well. Honestly, we did not communicate well and everyone did not have the common stand in this fair. Our plan was trying to make stand being more interesting and there are so many methods to make it interesting and effective to express customers our idea….  but we used the wrong way and we failed…


In this fair, I learnt a lot about how to decorate the stand from other team:

  1. visual image/ video (easier for people to understand products)
  2. organize well (teamwork)
  3. keep the stand as simple as possible (easier to know what is the point)

Combining with this experience and marshmallow challenge, we need to try more, not just focus on our ideal target.Next trade fair, our team are going to Spitalfield Market. It is a bigger challenge for us, we hope we can show what we learned from the first trade fair and show the best of us to Londoner!!!


TED (2010)Build a tower, build a team | Tom Wujec. Available at: (Accessed: 5 February 2017).


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