Does social media defeat real display?

In these months, we have built our own business from nothing to participate trade fairs twice times. We did something wrong just like the last article mentioned that our stand display was a tragedy so that we didn’t get any new customer from the first trade fair. Moreover, our Facebook fan page’s fans are mostly from our friends, they like it and share it but those posts are really easily covered by latest or popular posts on Facebook. This situation makes me confusing…

“Does social media really effective to attract my customers?”

When I rethought everything in trade fairs, I realised that interact with people might be the most effective methods to get real customers, not from social media.  Therefore, I want to know why many companies still put a lot of effort into social media marketing and why the real display (stands/ shopwindow) still takes the important role of promoting products?

Understanding the different types of promoting products



The value proposition canvas is usually for people to understand the relationship between products and customers so that it is helpful to improve product’s value proposition. I want to use this canvas to figure out questions so that I change “Product” part to “Social media display” and “Stand display

Firstly, I need to understand what do customers want from different kind of display.

Want: clear explanation /  understand the product’s details

Needs:easy and free to understand products

Fear: salesperson disturb them / price too expensive/ cannot bargain/ products do not look           same as pictures

Secondly, I need to compare with two type of product display approach to understand which one is more suitable for promoting products.

Social media display:


  • easy to get feedback
  • spread information quickly
  • it can work 24/7
  • easy to reach customers
  • cheap
  • easy to use

Experience: (lack of customer’s feedback)

Features: same as “Benefits”

Stand display:


  • get more informations and details
  • interact with customers
  • customers can see and touch products
  • sometimes can bargain

Experience:(lack of customer’s feedback)

Features: same as “Benefits”

Comparing with them, the social media’s advantages are more than stand’s. As our position, the social media could be more suitable for young entrepreneurs because it’s cheaper and easier for entrepreneurship beginner. However, as the client’s position, for some young people and who have direct target products, they prefer getting informations as quick as possible, moreover, the companies can provide pre-order service so that the purchasing activities won’t be limited by region. That’s why the trend of online shopping is popular and it cannot stop.

However, when I face what customer’s fundamental “Wants”, “Needs” and “Fears”, “understanding products” sometimes is hard for online shops to do that because clients cannot reach it, touch it so that the brick-and-mortar stands or shops cannot be replaced. If stands or shops don’t have creative or interesting decoration design, they are still hard to attract customers but they have over-decorations or put too many ideas, they still will looks like a mess.


Yes! This is a totally wrong example!

Better shop window(stand) decoration, better sales

When I traveled to Copenhagen in the Christmas holiday, I noticed that there are many independent shops hiding in small alleys and lanes. Their location might influence the number of customers but when I went through these shops, I still stopped a while. Why?


“Hygge” is a Danish word, it means coziness and it is also kind of feeling make you feeling warm and happy easily and simply. Maybe these shop window design are not concise to show products like other shops just put their goods and price tags. To me, Danish style shop window design is creating kind of “Hygge” story. Their decorations are not concise but they express the key points of their products and also make people feel happy and curious, then, attract visitors or new clients.

Keeping the stand as simple as possible might be the easiest method to display products but how to create its own “Hygge” story could be a higher level challenge for me and my group. Let people not only just walk pass… let them stop a while and talk with us!  The advantages of  correct stand display are hard for social media copying them. Social media’s template is hard to change so that it’s more difficult to make a nice impression.

It could say that a well stand should have nice products, clear display and “Hygge” story. This idea might hard to realise in this course but I hope it can realise in my future career.



Thomas(2013) Value Proposition Canvas Template Available at: (Accessed: 13 February 2017)

Joan( no date) What is Hygge? The new danish design trend Available at: (Accessed: 14 February 2017)




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